Laying MLOPs foundation: Operationalizing AI at scale

Telco Transformation begins with AI Democratization

In this webinar, industry’s most prominent AI experts Indrajit Kar, Head of AI Product Development at Siemens, Shashank Shekhar, Head of AI Labs at Subex, and Zabi Ulla, Product Head of HyperSense, come together and will share their insights on the importance of MLOps and the latest best practices for operationalizing AI and ML. This session will also highlight how to optimize machine learning pipelines, manage AI models in production, and measure the impact of AI on business outcomes.

Key takeaways from the session:
  • Importance of MLOps for an end-to-end ML lifecycle
  • Manage production workflows to get to production faster
  • How successfully operationalizing the model is key to gaining value from AI and machine learning
  • A sneak peek of Hypersense AI MLOps capabilities
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Indrajit Kar

Indrajit Kar
Head of AI Product Development


Shashank Shekhar
Head of AI Labs

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Zabi Ulla

Zabi Ulla
Product Head of HyperSense

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