Fraud Management

Fraud Management is an end-to-end fraud detection solution that safeguards digital services by leveraging advanced ML and signaling intelligence combined with rule engines to stay ahead of fraudsters. With no-code AI capabilities, our solution will enable your cross-functional business and technical teams to work together quickly and seamlessly, regardless of their skill sets.

Challenges with traditional solutions

Data silos

Data overload and silos lead to an incomplete view of risks

Lack of automation

Lack of automation and manual approach to investigations


Roadblocks in the adoption of AI/ML for fraud detection

Investing in future

Investing in future-proof technology


Benefits of Fraud Management

Enhanced Detection
Enhanced Detection

Enable early detection of new-age frauds and unknown-unknowns with AI/ML and Signaling Intelligence.

Amplified Accessibility
Amplified Accessibility

Ensure all your business users can leverage AI and double as data scientists without writing any code.

Enhanced Visibility
Enhanced Visibility

Detect common links among fraudsters with an enhanced link analysis toolset, thus reducing fraud run-time.

Quicker time
Quicker time-to-action

Enable quick data-driven decisions with advanced visualization and dashboarding capabilities, ensuring quick resolution to fraud activity.

Future-Proof with upgrades

Keep your fraud management system up-to-date with latest and continuous rolling upgrades and ensure you are always protected.

Insight Accurac
Insight Accuracy

Improve insight accuracy by leveraging clean and validated data to increase the fraud detection rate and decrease false positives.

Your Questions Answered
We’ve put together some FAQ's to give you more information about what we offer.

It is an end-to-end fraud detection and prevention solution that provides 360-degree protection against any form of threats or fraud. It leverages advanced ML and signaling security capabilities combined with a hybrid rule engine to provide a holistic shield, thus enabling you to stay ahead of fraudsters.

We address more than 350+ fraud types across voice, data, and digital services. To name a few: IRSF, PBX Hacking, Bypass, A-number manipulation/CLI Spoofing, Wangiri, Scam calls, Robocalls, Handset fraud, Mobile Money related frauds, SMS frauds, other VoIP & SIP related frauds, etc. and many more.

Fraud management provides you with enhanced fraud detection, reduced time-to-detect, minimized fraud run-time, improved accuracy, enriched customer experience, future-proofed against next-gen frauds, and helps build you a positive brand image.

Also, with a no-code AI platform, our solution will enable your cross-functional business and technical teams to work together quickly and seamlessly, regardless of their skill sets

Yes, Subex has partnered with BiaaS for IRSF threat intelligence and RAG Wangiri Blockchain consortium to provide our customers with a decentralized and cryptographically secure blockchain ledger of fraud-related information.

Subex also runs one of the world’s largest honeypot networks across 66 countries, 4000 devices & 400 different architectures to enable our customers’ up-to-date information about the latest suspicious number ranges, security threats, and compromised routes worldwide.

SIM Box fraud or international call bypass fraud is one of the top telecom frauds in terms of the revenue loss to telcos. This fraud occurs when fraudsters team up with international entities to route international calls through the internet using VoIP and terminate those calls through a local phone to make it seem as though the call made, was local.

Detect fraud and mitigate risks proactively with a Fraud Management solution