Campaign Management

AI-powered campaign management solution is an end-to-end advanced analytics-driven campaign management solution that enables Intelligent campaigns and measures performance during and post-campaign execution. It provides a 360° view of your customer relationship and interaction in a single pane.

Challenges with traditional solutions


Retaining and monetizing from existing customers.


Satisfying the unique needs of every customer.

Lack of visibility view

Lack of visibility into campaign result factors.

Lack of real-time

Lack of real-time insights leads to incorrect targeting.


What can you do with Campaign Management?

Benefits of Campaign Management

Maximize Effectiveness
Maximize Effectiveness
In-depth analytics and insights from pre-and post-campaign execution enable laser-sharp campaigns for maximum effectiveness.
Quick Adoption Across Users
Quick Adoption Across Users

Easy adoption by business and marketing users through intuitive UI-driven solutions with no prior coding and technical skills required.

Increase Accuracy
Increase Accuracy
Multi-mode options for campaign execution, etc., thus adhering to all compliances and regulations while enhancing targeting accuracy.
Analytics On-The-Go
Analytics On-The-Go
Monitor and discover trends in the campaign that helps track and improve revenue and customer usage KPIs.
Boost Customer Profitability
Boost Customer Profitability
Leverage real-time insights to boost customer experience, profitability, and enhance revenues.
Enhance Customer Loyalty

Improve customer loyalty by customizing individual’s offers, content etc., through campaign analytics.

Your Questions Answered
We’ve put together some FAQ's to give you more information about what we offer.

The Next-Best-action model is a customer-centric approach that considers multiple actions taken for a specific customer and then decides on the best one to provide. The next best action is through a combination of the customer’s interests and the objectives of the business. It uses machine learning to decide in real-time, improving the chance of conversion and experience.

It helps the organization target those customers who have high potential and high propensity to purchase. With advanced and real-time customization of offerings, content, and customer experience at an individual level, it delivers messages and offers at the right time for the desired action. It leverages AI/ML techniques to enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenues, and drive greater customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Hyper Segmentation leverages AI/ML techniques to target accurate customers to drive highly effective promotional campaigns. AI-enabled insights reduce marketing campaigns’ overall cost, increase conversions rates, improve product development capabilities, and get higher ROI.

Hyper segmentation leverages AI/ML techniques to access and process large amounts of data from first and third-party sources. It uses detailed, real-time data to identify the deals, offers, and promotions that resonate with each individual.

Macro Segmentation organizes customers into general groups based on basic demographics, like gender, geography, or age. Micro-Segmentation narrows customers into more specific groups based on other factors such as interests, purchases, or search behaviours.

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