Business Assurance

An Active Risk Intelligence-based solution where customers can identify, assess, and address impacts proactively and in near real-time. The solution leverages AI/ML to provide a single source of truth and transform enterprises into data-driven analytical organizations. It improves service profitability and customer satisfaction and reduces operating costs.

Challenges with traditional solutions

Lack of visibility view

Siloed view of data insights and risk-related information

Hindrances in the adoption

Barriers in adopting AI and predictive analytics

Raw data sets based

Raw data sets based on standalone systems

Low intelligence

Low intelligence or insights shared internally on leakage


Benefits of Business Assurance

Improve Scalability
Improve Scalability

Enhance scalability with Cloud-native, auto-scaling for changing business environment and load.

Future-Proof Solution
Enhance feasibility

Accelerate scope expansion with end-to-end collaboration for consulting, tooling, and service offerings.

Improve customization
Improve customization

Customize existing and new business opportunities with an intuitive AI studio and comprehensive ML tooling.

Increase Efficiency
Increase Accuracy

Reduce manual intervention with automation while improving insight accuracy through enriched data.

Greatly reduce TCO
Reduce TCO

Handle massive data while lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with elastic, on-demand scalability.

Boost Operations
Boost Operations

Identify the blind spots through your business data to gain insights and use self-healing KPIs to prioritize tasks.

Your Questions Answered
We’ve put together some FAQ's to give you more information about what we offer.

Revenue Assurance has rapidly evolved from assuring revenues (with a primary business focus on EBITDA) to assuring business models. As telecom subscribers and partners get used to the “On Demand” paradigm, traditional risks have evolved, and new risks have emerged that can affect real-time products/offerings’ success. Telecom leaders are rapidly re-engineering their risk framework to suit new business models’ dynamic and critical nature. This new environment has necessitated a shift in mindset from traditional RA to Active Risk Intelligence (ARI).

It is an Active Risk Intelligence-based platform where the customers can assess and address impacts proactively and in near real-time. Along with providing a single source of truth, the solution leverages AI/ML to transform enterprises into data-driven analytical organizations. It improves services’ profitability and customer satisfaction and reduces operating costs.

Business assurance is the integration and bundle solution for a complex list of problems. With Business assurance, it is easy to analyze complex data, case management for the comparison of measures, create complex end-to-end audits, and create a designated workspace containing all the information for telcos to make business decisions. It is well equipped to handle today’s use cases, both traditional billing, and the complex hierarchies & bundled promotions of new-age digital offerings.

Today, Business Assurance teams are asked to provide end-to-end coverage for more risks and assurance requirements than ever, especially in the context of new business models, partnership complexity, and services that will emerge with 5G. However, the overall Business Assurance headcount is not increasing in the same relevant measure. AI & ML will help process automation and corrective actions and prioritize the most significant risks. Ultimately, human intelligence combined with machines will be required to successfully provide assurance services to modern organizations.

With AI, our re-imagined assurance product stack, operators can assess and address impacts in near real-time or, in some cases, proactively. In today’s reality of multi-service, multi-disciplinary offerings (e.g., Banking, Retail, Digital Content, etc.), the comprehensive AI/ML capabilities in the solution will help our telecom partners identify unknown unknowns for meaningful course corrections.

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