HyperSense AI

Define actions based on model insights and predictions to achieve business goals. Continuously investigate, collaborate, and drive innovations seamlessly with automated workflows within our process automation studio.


Create a visual representation of business cases and investigate and resolve them with an AI-enabled resolution workflow within our process automation studio. It provides a 360-degree view of all the business cases in one place, enabling collaboration with multiple stakeholders and driving innovations seamlessly.



Automated Workflow

  • Enables automating the entire lifecycle of cases. Manage workflows and resolve issues with ease.
  • Create different templates depending on the use cases required by the business teams and, in turn, generate cases to resolve and identify the problem and ensure transparency.

Microservices-based Workflow Engine

  • Manage the flow of a business process across various teams by visualizing, operating, and reporting using a microservices-based workflow engine.
  • Ensure a high level of flexibility and agility.

Knowledge Management

  • Set up knowledge management hubs with automated resolution workflows. Create a visual representation of issues with advanced workflow engines.
  • Keeps documentation up to date and assists stakeholders in managing knowledge access and distribution to a variety of audiences.


  • Automatically saves text, tables, and other items copied to a clipboard anywhere from the workflow.
  • Display a list-style GUI that makes it simple to re-copy or paste that can be used during the case investigation.

System Administration

  • Built-in with the user, license, and log management for maintaining a secure system. Manage the health, roles, permissions, and security of process workflows.
  • Administer different workflow templates, audit trails, and data cataloging with ease.


Time Gap
Improve time to resolution 

Ensure faster resolution of issues and greater transparency with drag-and-drop workflow editors. Quickly access any information to manage complex processes and boost productivity.

Improve Collaboration
Improve Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, communicate issues effectively, and drive innovations across complex workflows through a 360-degree view of the solution.

Amplify Accessibility
Amplify Accessibility

Improve accessibility and productivity for business users with no coding experience through intuitive drag-and-drop features and an easy-to-use interface.

Improve Productivity
Improve Productivity

Quickly access any information you need to manage complex processes, workflows, and hubs and boost productivity and efficiency.

Fosters Innovation

Scale growth and enhance the brand image by innovating with a 360° view of all the business data to make better decisions.

Ensure agility

Ensure high flexibility and agility with a microservices-based workflow engine for seamlessly managing business processes and workflows.

Drive operational excellence with Automated Resolution Workflows