HyperSense AI

HyperSense AI helps enterprises identify business problems, create user journeys, perform a root cause analysis, and design appropriate solutions using AI/ ML capabilities.


User-driven architecture to designs AI is creating user journeys or performing a root cause analysis to identify right problem(s) to solve using AI/ML.  The architecture currently offers 2 approaches to solve for a given business problem.

  1. Develop User Journey and identify pains and gains in each step
  2. Apply 5 W model to determine exact root cause to solve a given problem


The purpose is also to align stakeholders, creators and consumers on the outcomes of this framework before building and deploying a model. The inputs to each screen of ideation is later published into several reports of the model such as model report, model contract and compliances reports.

We believe that for AI and machine learning to achieve its positive potential, it needs to be participatory – involving all stakeholders and guided by a diverse set of business criteria.

We designed HyperSense User-Driven Architecture which helps design a User Centric AI. It is process of identifying a right use case of AI and helps built them with a sound approach.  The ideation process outcomes allow users to assess risk at an early stage.

The ideation process is embedded within HyperSense AI Project Creation Wizard. This helps you take logical steps to break larger business problems into smaller tasks and building AI models to each tasks having cumulative effect on solving a larger problem.



Define and Assess Business Problem

Define business problem statement, and specific objectives business stakeholders are expecting to achieve from the AI model.


Define Success of AI Project

Define user journey to identify what current bottlenecks you want to affect using AI and how you want to define a business process to enhance user journey to maximize business impact.


Identify Data Assets 

Identifying the right datasets helps in model learning as per the objective function defined is an important phase of the model building process.


Business Embedding

Create model implementation plans within the business context in order to build AI models which are easy to adopt when designed in a business-user context.


Augment business expertise in AI
Design AI model in collaboration with business

Project creation wizard help create your AI project by leveraging industry best practices of designing AI models. 

Maximize project value
Maximize project value

Ideation helps identify right use cases for AI with clarity to add more value. Quantify project value in dollars and track once models are deployed.

Establish governance
Establish Governance

Identify potential gaps in the Artificial Intelligence lifecycle early and mitigate high business risks with model contracts.

Create right AI use case to maximize value