Build an Efficient Input Data Pipeline for Deep Learning

Build an efficient input data pipeline for deep learning

Problem Developing the input pipeline in a machine learning project is usually time-consuming and uncomfortable, and it might take longer than building the model itself. When dealing with massive datasets including thousands/millions of files, the input data pipeline can either be a game changer or a bottleneck depending on the architecture. When datasets are too […]

The Future is Now- Why Your Business Needs to Embrace (and Implement) AI Adoption

The Future is Now: Why Your Business Needs to Embrace (and Implement) AI Adoption

Today AI’s impact and potential value are undebatable. Many businesses have already evaluated and experimented with AI in various forms. To the extent that applications of AI are actively investigated in healthcare, recruitment, law, and government. However, the adoption rate varies across industries and companies, but AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in the business world. […]

automated pattern detction

Automating Pattern Detection using Machine Learning for Telecom

Abstract Consistent asset health across various levels, from cell sites to regions, is crucial for telecom carriers to ensure ongoing operations. However, proactively detecting aberrant patterns such as equipment breakdown remains a significant problem. This article, based on Subex’s extensive implementation expertise, covers the key processes required to instal effective pattern detection solutions. It also […]

introduction ai

Introduction to Conversational AI

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (or Conversational AI) is a set of technologies underpinning automated messaging and speech-enabled systems that enable human-like interactions between computers and humans. Conversational AI refers to any computer that can be spoken to and is most commonly encountered today via chatbots and voice assistants.   What is the definition of Conversational AI? […]

ai in banking

Unlocking the Future of Banking with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has profoundly affected almost every business, including banking and finance. The integration of AI in banking apps and services has made the sector more customer-focused and technologically relevant. AI-based solutions can help banks save money by enhancing efficiency and making judgements based on data that a human agent would find incomprehensible. Furthermore, intelligent […]

What is an AI platform?

Any type of action-conscious automation needs a method that can use artificial intelligence to assist digitalization and provide outcomes that are at least as good as those that would have been produced by humans. Recently, there has been an increase in demand for this skill, which is where AI platforms come in. The term “AI […]

Adversarial Attacks A detailed review

Adversarial attacks: A detailed review

Deep Learning has proven to be a very efficient tool in recent times when it comes to solving challenging problems across various fields such as healthcare (computer-aided assessment, drug discovery), financial services (fraud detection), automobiles (self-driving automobiles, robotics), communications (news aggregation and misinformation detection), as well as other day-to-day utility services (such as virtual assistants, […]