The Future is Now- Why Your Business Needs to Embrace (and Implement) AI Adoption

The Future is Now: Why Your Business Needs to Embrace (and Implement) AI Adoption

Zabi Ulla heads products at Subex AI Labs. He comes with over 15+ years of experience in applied artificial intelligence and data science. He has developed winning AI products for enterprise customers and has successfully led digital transformation projects for multi-national clients including Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft, YouTube, Wrigley, and T-Mobile. Zabi comes from an applied statistics background and has a Master's in statistics. He has a passion for machine reasoning, causal inference, and experimental designs. Zabi has been featured as a key speaker in several industry webinars, events and was recognized as one of the Top 40 data scientists in India by Analytics India Magazine in 2019.
automated pattern detction

Automating Pattern Detection using Machine Learning for Telecom

Payal is a Product Marketing Specialist at Subex, who covers Augmented Analytics. In her current role, she focuses on CIO challenges with data management, and potential solutions to these challenges. She is a postgraduate in management from Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management, with analytics as her majors, and has prior engineering experience in the Telecom industry. She enjoys reading and authoring content at the intersection of analytics and technology.

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