Data Profiling

What is Data Profiling? Data Profiling is the process of examining, understanding structure, content, and interrelationships, analyzing, and identifying potential for data projects. It yields a high-level overview of data and helps to identify data quality issues, risks, and overall trends. It produces critical insights into data that companies can leverage to their advantage. It […]

Data Orchestration

Data orchestration is a process performed by software that merges siloed data from numerous data storage sites and makes it available to data analysis tools. Over 87% of businesses have a low level of business intelligence and analytics maturity. Low data maturity prohibits businesses from making the most of their data. That startlingly high figure […]

AI Solutions

What is AI Solutions? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a comprehensive classification that includes cutting-edge concepts such as deep learning. In general, AI solutions are all about adapting aspects of intelligence to machines and having them execute tasks that can be natural and straightforward to humans, but extremely complex to program. Moreover, an AI program can […]

Unsupervised Learning

What is Unsupervised learning? Unsupervised learning is all about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) software to recognise patterns in data containing snippets that are neither classified nor labelled. The algorithms are thus used to classify, label and/or group the data snippets contained within the data without having any external involvement in performing that task. […]

Predictive Modeling

What is Predictive modeling? Predictive modeling is a mathematical approach to predicting future events or outcomes by analyzing data patterns in a provided set of information. It is a vital part of predictive analytics, a type of data analytics which employs contemporary and documented data to indicate future activity, behaviour and trends. Use cases of […]

Data Preparation

What is data preparation? Data preparation is the complete step-by-step process of gathering, combining, structuring and organizing data to be used in business intelligence (BI), analytics and data visualization models. The entity of data preparation contains data preprocessing, profiling, cleansing, validation and modification; it is also typical to pull together data from both internal systems […]

Turing Test

What is the Turing test? In 1950, Alan Turing introduced a test known as the “Turing test” to check whether a machine can think like a human or not. In this test, Turing proposed that the computer can be intelligent if it can mimic human response under specific conditions.   What is the Turing test […]

Transfer Learning

What is transfer learning? Transfer learning is a machine learning technique that enables data scientists to benefit from the knowledge gained from a previously used machine learning model for a similar task. This learning takes humans’ ability to transfer their knowledge as an example. If you learn how to ride a bicycle, you can drive […]

Unstructured Data

What is unstructured data? Unstructured data is information that exists in a non-normalized and non-identifiable data structure. This includes text, image, audio, and video files that are not stored in databases. Especially in the environment of Big Data, unstructured data is of enormous importance.   What are the challenges with unstructured data? The problem with […]

Structured Data

What is structured data? Structured data is most often categorized as quantitative data, and it is the type of data that almost everyone is used to working with. It fits neatly within fixed fields and columns in relational databases and spreadsheets. It is highly organized and easily understood by machine language.   What are the […]