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We transform the way enterprises run their business by widening access to AI, bringing in automation, and thereby accelerating the time to value.

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Market Guide for Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms
Market Guide for AI in CSP Customer and Business Operations

HyperSense AI can help you...

Design impactful user-centric AI models

HyperSense AI helps enterprises identify business problems and design appropriate solutions.


Build Explainable AI (XAI) models 40X faster

HyperSense AI enables rapid prototyping of Explainable AI (XAI) models to solve complex business problems.


Deploy and monitor the ML models with MLOps

HyperSense AI enables the deployment of complex AI models into production to convert data into insights in real-time.


Discover ideas and continuously innovate

HyperSense AI helps businesses continuously investigate, collaborate, and innovate through industry-leading AI applications.

Model Monitoring, Alerts and Recommendations

Streamline AI with MLOps

HyperSense AI Model Management is a one-stop solution covering all aspects of ML Operations (MLOps), such as model monitoring, alerts, and recommendations on model retraining to sustain model performance and robustness.

HyperSense AI Advantages

Our philosophy is to democratize, operationalize, and scale AI across the enterprise.

HyperSense AI is designed to accelerate enterprise-wide AI adoption, making AI accessible to everyone in the organization to foster innovation and growth.

No code AI

No-Code AI for All

Widened AI access to everyone in the organization, regardless of their skillsets.

Unified single platform

Elastic and Scalable

Enhanced elasticity and scalability with an ability to deploy on any cloud and on-premises.

Streaming data analytics

Any Data Analytics

Supports hot, warm, and cold structured and unstructured data analytics and reacts in real time.

Fully composable

Fully Composable

Integration with existing tech stack to achieve plug-and-play capabilities and modularity.

AI in Telecom

Telcos are harnessing the power of AI to extract actionable insights to drive better customer experience. Download this eBook that explains the seven amazing ways telcos can leverage AI.

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HyperSense AI Benefits

Select maturity level
Begin the enterprise's AI journey by

Kick-start your enterprise's AI journey by augmenting business strategies with AI/ML and get higher ROI.

Augments businesses with

Augment your enterprise with AI/ML and empower business users to adopt AI and data scientists to be more productive.

Eliminate multiple-point solutions

Eliminate multiple-point solutions and adopt a unified platform to make better decisions.

Quickly prototype AI models

Quickly prototype AI models to roll out new product and services and improve profitability.

Rapidly prototype and deploy ML

Rapidly test and deploy ML models with an integrated end-to-end ML lifecycle platform to accelerate time-to-market.

Rapidly build AI models without

Build AI models without writing a single line of code through drag-and-drop capabilities and address the AI skill gap.

Accelerate AI adoption through

Accelerate AI adoption through ready-to-build use case templates through No-Code AI capabilities.

Make AI accessible to anyone in an

Derive higher value from your data infrastructure investments through a modular and composable platform.

Reduce infrastructure management

Reduce infrastructure management time, improve efficiency to accelerate data-to-insights.

Enable business users to build AI

Enable business users to become Citizen Data Scientists and align AI initiatives to business outcomes.

Improve decision-making through a

Streamline AI/ML workflows through state-of-the-art MLOps to improve accuracy of decisions.

Ensure transparency in decision

Ensure transparency in decision-making and eliminate bias through Explainable AI capabilities.

Accelerate the digital transformation

Leapfrog your digital transformation journey by democratizing AI across the entire data value chain.

Rapidly build AI models through

Build AI models without writing a single line of code through drag-and-drop capabilities and address the AI skill gap.

Innovate and scale business growth

Innovate and scale business growth with simplified data discovery and unified access to decision intelligence.

Improve data science team

Improve collaboration between multiple data science teams and scale AI experiments quickly and easily.

Continuously monitor and maintain AI

Derive higher ROI through robust Machine Learning lifecycle management practices using MLOps.

Make transparent, ethical, and

Make transparent, ethical, and responsible business decisions with an extensive AI Trust Framework.

Why HyperSense AI?

AI models
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A testament to our constant innovation in AI

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Zabi Ulla heads products at Subex AI Labs. He comes with over 15+ years of experience in applied artificial intelligence and data science. He has developed winning AI products for enterprise customers and has successfully led digital transformation projects for multi-national clients including Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft, YouTube, Wrigley, and T-Mobile. Zabi comes from an applied statistics background and has a Master's in statistics. He has a passion for machine reasoning, causal inference, and experimental designs. Zabi has been featured as a key speaker in several industry webinars, events and was recognized as one of the Top 40 data scientists in India by Analytics India Magazine in 2019.
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Payal is a Product Marketing Specialist at Subex, who covers Augmented Analytics. In her current role, she focuses on CIO challenges with data management, and potential solutions to these challenges. She is a postgraduate in management from Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management, with analytics as her majors, and has prior engineering experience in the Telecom industry. She enjoys reading and authoring content at the intersection of analytics and technology.

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HyperSense AI is built ground-up as a cloud-native, microservices-based containerized solution and supports CI/CD with continuous rolling updates. This ensures agility, scalability, and elasticity. It is built on the best and latest technologies and is scalable to cater to the expectations of 5G and digital reality.

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